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Our Program

Be the Influence or "BTI" is a parenting program which seeks to delay adolescent substance use and reduce rates of binge drinking, alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, and other drug use in our communities.

For information on substance use rates among

teens in your area, see Data on Usage.  


Be the Influence supports parents by:

  • A Parent Agreement

  • A secure, online Parent Directory of participating BTI parents

  • Bi-monthly Newsletters and Blogs with
    parenting tips and other up-to-date information

  • An Online Forum called TalkSpace for parents to offer tips, ask questions of each other or start a discussion.

Confused about what to do as a parent? Is it better to let kids experiment at home? See this Q&A about what research and experience tells us on parenting approaches.


Join Our Community! 

As a BTI Parent, you can take comfort in the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in dealing with the challenging job of keeping our teens healthy and safe. There is no way to control every aspect of teens' lives, but we can control what we do as adults. With your participation, we can successfully and positively "Be the Influence" in our teen's lives with respect to substance use. 

For details on our Parent Agreement, Online Parent Directory, Bi-Monthly Newsletters and Talk Space, click here.


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Please take a few moments to view our video which provides an overview of the BTI Program, presented by Founder,

Laurie Phillips Dubin.

In this presentation at The Bay School, BTI's Founder discusses common misperceptions on parenting with respect to substance use and how BTI

can support all parents.