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​The BTI Agreement.  Parents have the option of making a simple Parent Agreement which commits  parents who host teen parties to take measures to keep them substance-free for teens and connect with other parents who reach out – so that more families will feel empowered to do the same.

The Agreement is not a binding contract. Parents 

need only use their reasonable efforts in good faith. Stuff happens over which parents have no control! 

> To see the BTI Parent Agreement, click here


Online Parent Directories.  Each parent who makes the BTI Agreement is added to one of our online Parent Directories (organized either by area or by school). 

The Parent Directory contains contact information such as cell phone numbers and email addresses of participating parents, enabling parents to reach out to one another. The Parent Directory may be used to verify a child's whereabouts and determine the level of supervision when a child attends a party or sleepover at a friend's house.


The Parent Directories are on special password protected pages which ensure privacy and confidentiality. They may be found on this website under the heading “Parent Directory". 

> To see the Online Parent Directory, click here (note the directories are all password protected and available only to those parents who make the Parent Agreement).

Newsletters. BTI Parents receive bi-monthly Newsletters throughout the school year with

information about various drugs, parenting tips, additional resources and notice of upcoming educational events. There is an option to receive the newsletters without making the Parent Agreement. 


> To see our past newsletters, click here.​

> To see our blog, click here.​

Online Parent Forum. Parents can also access BTI's online forum called "TalkSpace" for parents to offer tips, ask questions of each other or the BTI Administrator or start a discussion. It is at the bottom of each page of this website.

> To participate in TalkSpace, click here.

Join Our Community! As a BTI Parent, you can take comfort in the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in dealing with the challenging job of keeping our children healthy and safe. There is no way to control every aspect of their lives, but we can control what we do as adults. With your participation, we can successfully and positively "Be the Influence" in our teen's lives with respect to substance use.

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