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TalkSpace is intended to provide a forum for parents to support each other by exchanging information, tips, and ideas. We have a wide range of parents — from those of incoming students to parents of alumni. Questions can also be directed to the Administrator, a fellow parent, who is here to support you and weigh in on any questions or concerns you may have. There is no such thing as a dumb question! 


Please Note: If anyone would like to post a question, offer information or a tip anonymously, please feel free to private message the Administrators of this page. If appropriate, we will post your question or tip.

Finally, if anyone is offended or has any concerns about comments or postings on this page, feel free to private message the Administrator. Please try to be civil at all times and keep the discussion respectful and without judgment. The Administrator reserves the right to delete posts which are divisive or otherwise not conducive to building community. TalkSpace is intended to support, educate and build community among parents!

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  • Grace Morton
    Mar 7

    My son wants to have friends over when we are out for the evening this weekend. We’ll be away from 5 until 11pm. He has promised no drugs or alcohol will be used and that he will ask anyone visiting to agree to this. Is this acceptable? Grace


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