After joining BTI, parents should consistently take the simple steps outlined in the
BTI Parent Pledge and also take the following measures​​:

  • Talk with Your Teen Early and Often.
    For specific tips on how to discuss the risks of teen substance use, click here

  • Monitor Your Teens' Whereabouts and Their Level of Supervision.  For a list of tips to do so, click here

  • Get to Know Your Child’s Friends and Their Parents. This is where our BTI Parent Lists are helpful. Use them to call other parents, verify the whereabouts of your teens and confirm the level of parental supervision of parties and gatherings. If a parent is not on the BTI Parent List, then reach out to them through other means, such as your school directory or by asking your teen. To access the password protected Parents List, click here

  • Gather the Contact Information of Your Teen’s Friends. Click here for a sample Student Phone tree.

  • Consider a Family Agreement. Click here for
    a sample Family Agreement.


  • Be a Good Role Model. Model the behavior you want to see in your children when they are adults. Our kids' behavior mirrors the adult behavior around them. Always remember that your kids are watching you! This may be the most important tip of all.