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California Healthy Kids Survey

The Healthy Kids Survey is the largest, most comprehensive effort in the nation to assess students at the local level on a regular basis (every other year) and provide key data on topics including student health and well-being. All public high school students in California take the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) on an anonymous basis.


Section 6 specifically covers Alcohol and Other Drugs and Section 7 is on Tobacco Use. Module Z questions at the end of the report cover questions on alcohol and other drug use as well. Model Z questions have been customized for the school districts.  

The bottom line? Rates for alcohol and other drug use at Marin County schools are well above state averages and are among the highest in California. The Tamalpais Union HS District's rates are the highest in Marin County. 2015-16 rates among Redwood, Tam and Drake's 9th graders are around the same. Redwood's 11th graders binge drink the most and Drake's 11th graders use marijuana the most by a significant amount.

Links to School-Specific Results

  • Redwood High School 2015-16: Click Here 

  • Tam High School 2015-16: Click Here 

  • Sir Francis Drake High School 2015-16: Click Here  

  • Tamalpais Union High School District (aggregate data for all 3 high schools) for 2017-18: Click Here


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